The Birthing Room believes every birth and baby is unique. We want your once in a lifetime experience to be something that brings your family an ecstatic amount of joy and empowerment. Our antenatal classes and birth services place the power back in the hands of New Zealand families, by equipping them with the tools they need to make informed decisions, have a healthy pregnancy and work in partnership with their health provider. No matter whether you are living in NZ or abroad, we have something special for you. 



"We started the antenatal course thinking we would definitely want to be in hospital & I would need an epidural..."

...We ended up at home & I did it without any pain relief.

A HUGE thank you for all your guidance & advice during our antenatal classes. You equipped us with knowledge & confidence to have a beautiful, empowering birth."

-Lyla's family


From your 1st trimester to when your baby is 3 months old.


Find out what's happening in your part of the country.

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Tailor made individual education sessions.


Pregnancy, birth & parenting information to encourage

& inspire.


Birth companions help make your baby's arrival be a positive experience.

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