"Doula" comes from the Greek word "servant", and is now used to refer to a birth companion. The Birthing Room's Birth Doulas are certified doulas who work in partnership with birthing families, complimentary to New Zealand's awesomely unique maternity system. Although every woman is born with the knowledge of how to give birth, many women have lost confidence in their body's ability and fear being abandoned in their time of need. Our Birth Doula Service offers continuous support from early in labour through to after your baby is born. This service is tailored to meet your individual needs/wishes and is suitable for birth at home, in a primary birth centre or in hospital.


We offer you the choice of two payment packages:

  • 4 monthly payments of $225NZD during your pregnancy

  • One off payment of $895NZD


The Birthing Room's Birth Doula Service is offered in the Kaikoura District only.

To find out more about how The Birthing Room's Birth Doula Service can meet your needs, please click contact us.

Research shows the presence of a doula:

  • shortens labour

  • reduces intervention rates, including caesarean

  • decreases use of pain medication

  • decreases overall rate of complications

  • improves breastfeeding experiences

  • reduces rates of postnatal depression

  • facilitates positive early infant-parent interactions

-Klaus and Kennel

The Birthing Room's Birth Doulas work alongside your LMC and birth team to nurture, love and encourage you as the empowered birthing woman, helping you have a more positive birth experience.


The Birthing Room's Birth Doula Service includes:

  • One visit during pregnancy with your family in your own home

  • One visit during pregnancy with you and your LMC

  • Support throughout your pregnancy via phone and email

  • Continuous companionship and support during your labour and birth

  • One visit/birth debrief after your baby is born

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