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Hoping for a straight forward birth? Why your baby's position matters...

When it came time for our firstborn's labour, we thought everything was going to go marvelously, because he was "head down". We had no idea how his head and body were positioned actually mattered. But IT DID. We had no idea that the positions I worked and rested in influenced his position. But THEY DID. And we had no idea that the positions I was encouraged to birth in increased his funky positioning. But THEY DID!

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We want you to have the empowered birth you dream about. We want you to be knowledgeable about what positions to adopt in pregnancy to help your baby into an optimal position for an easier and more straight forward birth. And we want you to feel empowered during your birth, having the confidence to instinctively move your body into positions which open up the space your baby has to move down and out. 

Do you know which activities during pregnancy increase the likelihood of your baby being in a funky position? If not, check out this video!

We believe Optimal Foetal Positioning (aka, how to help your baby into an optimal position for an easier, more straight forward birth) is SO important, we have included a two part, interactive tutorial as part of The Birthing Room's Online Antenatal Classes. 

Course | Second Trimester: Weeks 14-27

You'll learn:

  • The optimal position for your baby to be in when your labour begins

  • How other positions your baby can be in will influence how your birth goes

  • How to find out the position of your baby

  • How much space your pelvis has for your baby

Course | Third Trimester: Weeks 28-40+

You'll learn:

  • Activities you, your partner and your whanau can do to help encourage your baby into an optimal position

  • Activities you can do in labour to increase the space your baby has, no matter what position baby is in

Enrollments for The Birthing Room Courses open 15th August for a short time!

We'd love to have your family as part of our online community. So save the date in your diary, and share it with your preggy friends, family or clients. 

If you have any questions, check out the FAQs page of each course, or flick us an email. We are happy to help.

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