• Rosemary Joyce

Miscarriage... Breaking the silence

In 2008 our family joined an exclusive group no one really wants to be in. The selection process is random. The grief of joining is huge. And until you join the group you are often completely oblivious as to how many people are in it because nobody talks about it.

The group is we joined was families who have experienced a miscarriage.

This October The Birthing Room will be joining families around the world in commemorating Baby Loss Awareness Week. The week provides a crucial opportunity for people to talk openly about the subject of and raise awareness of baby loss. As part of breaking the silence of this 'taboo' subject we'd like to create a short video for our YouTube channel, featuring families' stories of miscarriage. Here's where you can help break the silence...

If you have experienced the loss of a baby, would you share your story? We are looking for short mobile selfie videos, around 30sec long. Each video can contain a little piece of your story. Examples of what might be shared are:

  • How many babies you lost

  • How many weeks pregnant you were

  • Something someone did for you to help you get through

  • A way you have celebrated the existence of your angel baby (a tattoo, plant etc)

These stories will be collated and turned into a short video breaking the silence of miscarriage. It is our hope that this video will give hope to others going through baby loss, and provide families and friends ideas on how best to support their loved one going through this experience.

If you are keen to share your story and be part of breaking the silence, please send your mobile upload to info@thebirthingroom.co.nz by Sept 28th 2018.

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