• Rosemary Joyce

The one thing that can completely derail even the best birth plan

Much of the 9 months of pregnancy is spent dreaming of the magnificent moment when you finally get to meet the little human you have been growing, nourishing and loving. Not many families imagine Mama being too exhausted to be interested, or too spaced out on opiates to really take in what's happening. And yet this is the reality for a large portion of women whose baby is in a funky position when labour kicks off.

One of the most important keys to having a straight forward birth is starting off with a baby who has lined his/herself up well for their journey through the birth canal. It has always surprised me that even though having a baby in a funky position at the end of pregnancy is the one thing that can derail even the best birth plan, most New Zealand antenatal education does not teach pregnant families how to help their womb baby adopt an optimal position. When we were expecting our first baby I had no idea I was working, traveling and resting in positions which were encouraging him to adopt a posterior (sunnyside up) position. I had no clue this would completely transform our birth from a planned natural vaginal birth to having pretty much every intervention possible. I thought that head down was enough. It wasn't.

Optimal foetal positioning is a term that was coined by NZ midwife Jean Sutton and childbirth educator Pauline Scott in the 1990’s, and it has been changing birth experiences ever since. Optimal foetal positioning simply means how to help your baby into an ideal position for an easier birth. Whilst working as a childbirth educator and doula I have seen firsthand the incredible difference optimal foetal positioning makes to a family’s birth experience! Just see for yourself...

“I wanted to thank you for such empowering classes and everything we learned - I had my perfect home birth! My waters broke at 8.15am, we rang the midwife at 10.30am when things were intense and I was then just left to labour and do my thing with no examinations or anything. At 1.30pm I was fully dilated so I got into the pool and baby was born at 2.38pm! We remembered you saying most people from your classes have labours around 6 hours! At no point did I feel worried or out of my depth, I just listened to my body and everything was great. I think what you do to empower women is so important, so thank you so much!!” -NZ family.

In The Birthing Room's Online Antenatal Classes we have taken this concept even further and presented it in an easy to understand format. To celebrate, we've made some of our special tips and tricks for encouraging baby into an ideal position for an easier, more straight forward birth available to you for FREE on our resources page!

Click here to receive your free downloadable PDF from Funky to Fabulous, and get started on your empowered birth journey today.



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