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Will you accidentally slow down your labour?

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Although birth is instinctive, there are many things couples do (both intentionally and accidentally) that slow labour down or speed it up. Knowing what these things are and how they work places the power back in your hands and can help your labour progress beautifully.

What factors have potential to negatively impact labour?

During labour, it is ideal for the birthing Mama to have high levels of the love hormone oxytocin and low levels of stress hormones. Oxytocin makes labour progress and stress hormones act as a brake to labour. To let her body take over and give birth, Mama needs to access her reptilian brain (the part of her that instinctively knows how to give birth) and for her 'thinking brain' to be quiet. Some of the factors which negatively impact labour by creating stress hormones and/or alerting Mama's thinking brain are:

  • Change of environment

  • Bright lighting

  • Loud noise

  • Direct questioning

  • Lack of privacy

  • Feeling observed

  • Fear

Like to find out more?

We believe this is such an important topic for expectant families to know, we've covered it extensively in The Birthing Room's Online Antenatal Classes. Some of the special topics covered in our courses include birth hormones, birth fear, setting up the birth space to facilitate natural birth, natural comfort measures, and choosing the birth team.

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